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Our pure goat milk soap is made with absolutely no water. Ingredients include goat milk, olive oil and other vegetable oils & shortenings, plus essential oils or fragrance oils where noted. Most bars are a generous four-ounce size.

Because our Pure Goat Milk bars use goat milk in place of water rather than merely as an additive, approximately one third of the total volume of each bar is goat milk (varies slightly depending on oils used). This produces a dense, long-lasting bar that provides the maximum benefits to your skin. Your skin will feel lotion smooth after bathing! Goat milk is very close to our skin's pH level and very high in emollients, providing gentle cleansing and moisturizing to even the most delicate skin.

When goat milk is used in place of water, lye is added directly to the milk. This process creates heat, causing the milk to turn a lovely light amber color. None of our bars are pure white. Look for the off-white bars as a sign of superior skin softening qualities.

We know you will enjoy these fine soaps. Bookmark this page so that you can visit Ceres & Co. again! We appreciate your business.