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Ceres & Co. is located on 82 acres between Chicago and Indianapolis, IN. Most of the farm has been converted to a nature habitat for wild animals and birds. Only 20 acres have been preserved for farming. I frequently see deer, raccoons, blue herons, yellow finches and redwing blackbirds. As I was driving down the lane a few mornings ago, two huge turkey vultures stared at me from the roof of an old shed.

goats    goats    goats

The farm is blessed with a small pond, four or five acres of wetlands, and a wonderful creek that runs across the back of the property. The creek, recently christened Crone Creek, has a sandy bottom with many small clam and snail shells floating along its sandy bed.

goats    goats    goats

Last year, the farm received USDA organic certification and we added dairy cows to our farm, in addition to the pets - three dogs (Tashi, Bear & Ayn Chee) and a cat(Holly Berry). Soon to be added are chickens. We are working on a moveable chicken coop so they can move around the pastures behind the cows.

goats    goats    goats

The starry sky, devoid of urban lights, is a sight to behold. The other night as we sat around a campfire, we heard the plaintive hooting of an owl and saw a wonderful display of northern lights.

This farm is a little bit of heaven.