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"LOVE EVERYTHING! Well, so far I love the blueberry, peach, wild yarrow cream, lemon face cream, vanilla lotion, beeswax balm and am sure the others will follow. Just came into office to send you an email giving thanks and praise.... My thumb has been raw and itching and peeling . . . and the yarrow and beeswax have nearly healed it already! I am going to have a slight problem with the vanilla lotion - I keep catching myself sniffing at my arm, shoulder etc.... love the smell and it LASTS ALL DAY."
Nancy, Lacon IL

"Hi Susan, I have been meaning to tell you that I love your yarrow stick. It has brought so much relief to my chapped lips. I only have to apply it a few times a day. Before that, I was using some other stuff all day long and not finding very much relief at all. It is great stuff. My husband and my son love it too. Thanks for the great products."
Sara, South Bend IN

"I am AMAZED with your body lotion and foot cream products!

Here's my story: Since a young child, I've been plagued with very dry skin. It's so dry that it literally cracks, breaks, bleeds, and cracks again! It can be very painful - and it's certainly not getting me any skin-modeling jobs. (Needless to say, I do get a lot of unsolicited sympathy!) My feet are the worst. The bottom of my heels are so cracked that when I'm barefoot in the house, the cracked skin "catches" on the carpet (especially on Berber!).

The life of my skin changed when mother stumbled upon you and your products this February. Among other wonderful body lotion and soap products, she bought me some Wild Yarrow Cream specifically for my "San Andreas Fault" feet. After just three days of both morning and evening applications, I have brand new feet!!! I'm serious - they don't even resemble the feet I've known all my life! Today (less than one week from the first application), I am throwing out every bottle of lotion I own (some 16 different brands)! My new motto???? "Wild Yarrow Cream for Life!"

Thank you, thank you, thank you (truly from the bottom of my feet!) for these wonderful homemade products! I'm sold (and I'm making it a mission to tell everyone I know)!!"
Tori, Grayslake, IL

"In the winter my wife's hands get dry and cracked, and they can get pretty sore. She has used a lot of different creams on them that didn't seem to do anything for them. A friend of hers showed her this stuff called wild yarrow cream [that she bought] at the Blueberry Festival. She told her that this stuff works wonders, so she bought a jar. To put it simply, it worked, it cleared the cracks in her hands."
John (Her thankful husband), Ohio

"[Your hand and body lotion] works great. My little Peanut, my greyhound, has the softest pads and is no longer limping. We have been using the yarrow cream also and love it!! My daughter . . . is a cashier at a small grocery and handling the money really dries her hands out. They were cracking, and it's healed them. Our hands are so much better this year. . . . You have some really great products. "
Kim, Albion, Indiana