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Did you know that your skin is your largest organ? It absorbs whatever you put on it. Do you want to put anything on your skin that could harm your body? At Ceres & Co., we pride ourselves on the quality of our natural ingredients, many of which are organic, none of which are carcinogenic.  No parabens, no harsh emulsifiers, no chemical preservatives, just a touch of pure Vitamin E in a few of our products.


You will see the difference in just a few days when you use our natural skin care products. Use Lemon Skin Renew at night, then follow up with either of two daily moisturizers – Triple Rose Indulgence or Rosemary Moisturizer. Hydrate around your eyes with Pour les Yeux Oil with chamomile and carrot seed essential oils at night, and Pour les Yeux Eye Satin with helichrysum and carrot seed essential oils by day.


You'll love using Ceres & Co.’s pure goat milk soap on your face! One third goat milk, two thirds oils. Be sure to rinse thoroughly after use and finish with a dash of Lavender or Rose Spritz. Feel the difference, see the difference.



Buy a complete kit and save!

(Night cream, day cream, eye satin, eye oil, lip gloss, body crème and spritz)

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Face Creams

Night: Lemon Skin Renew

Day: Triple Rose Indulgence or Rosemary with French lavender & bergamot


Pour les Yeux:

Try both ~ at night, Pour les Yeux Oil with chamomile. For daytime use under foundation, Pour les Yeux Satin.


Concentrated Body Crème:

No mineral oil, no alcohol ~ “A little goes a long way!” In six delightful fragrances.


Lip Gloss

Mango butter to soften and shine. Choose from nine flavors, including three new ones – Grape, Black Cherry & Buttercream. 



Purified water with essential oils - that's it!  No chemical preservatives, no harsh emulsifiers, just shake the jar and spritz on your face and body.  In three scents.


Organic Skin Care

Looking for skin care products made with organic ingredients?  95% or more of our ingredients on products listed as "organic" are certified organic!




For the face:


We have three different types of facial soaps, one for dry skin, one for normal to oily, and one for mature skin, which evens out skin tones.



For all over:


We have a large selection of pure goat milk soaps for using all over your body.  Great scents, most with essential oils, some with our own organic herbs added.


Working soaps:


Want to clean up hard working hands?  We have soap for gardeners and cooks, and be sure to check out our best selling Peppermint & Tea Tree Oil soap for a fresh, clean scent that works on many skin problems!


Unscented soaps:


Are you a purist who wants only goat milk soap, with no added scents of any kind?  Then you have two bars to choose from, one with a touch of honey, one without.  Great for baby's skin, or baby your own! Hands


No matter which goat milk soap you choose, rest assured that each bar is handmade with care.  The formula for soap is one third water and two thirds butters and oils.  We replace ALL of the water with our pure goats milk.  This means you will have a wonderful, creamy bar of soap that is long lasting and leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft!  No tight, dry feeling with our soaps. 



Goat Milks Soap in the curing racks.










Belly Butter is a blend of luxurious butters and oils for mothers-to-be, scented with four essential oils.


Skin Ecstasy is the same lovely blend in smaller size.


Drummer's Hands - Not just for drummers - a blend of whipped shea butter, a bit of sweet almond oil, and ylang ylang essential oil for grounding and centering!




Yarrow is antibiotic, antiviral, anti fungal, anesthetic & a styptic. Comes in jars and tubes, one with peppermint added to make your feet tingle! Excellent on cuticles, too.


Organic Wild Yarrow Cream with or without a hint of lavender. All the same uses, with organic olive oil and packaged in glass jars.


Jewelweed Skin Remedy - nature's answer to poison ivy, acne and other skin outbreaks. Amazing results!!


Bath Sea Salts


  •  Bath salts: Plain, Wild Rose, Lemon Eucalyptus, and French Lavender
  •  Bali Sea Salts with glycerin and Petitgrain essential oil.


Raw honey


Unfiltered, unprocessed. Beeswax and pollen, too.


Aroma Therapy:


Deluxe Sleep Oil, Energy Oil and SinusAid will all do their wonders.  We do special orders on request.

Bath Bombs:


They're Back, Hand made, these are BIG bombs, each one prettily packaged in cellophane. Unscented or your choice of six different scents. Shop